Tuesday, May 5, 2009

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The Herbal of Athena's

Some time ago I found in the supermarket promotions EcoBio this line of products at very low prices, and so I decided to try something. I state that I am not a fanatic dell'ecobio, and usually I'll settle for just free of silicone products, however the line of Herbal Athena's is also free of petrochemical derivatives (vaseline, paraffins, hydrocarbons), derivatives of animals and of dyes. It also ensures a low environmental impact with high biodegradability of products and containers of recyclable material. And finally not tested on animals of the LAV, ensuring that the finished cosmetic product that the ingredients used to make each product have not been tested on animals.
Before I tried to use a few reviews on the internet but a line must be relatively new because I found nothing. The site link is this (and you can also buy online): http://www.athenas.it/l_azienda.php
Anyway 'nuff said ... we come to the reviews. I've tried:

:: Shampoo repairer linseed and butter shea::

Ideal for dry, brittle and treated. Mild detergent action, due to the presence of plant-derived surfactants, combines multiple properties treating effect repair. Flax seed oil, naturally rich in omega 3, deeply nourishes and strengthens the hair fiber giving volume and shine.
I must say that shampoos are usually very lucky because my hair gets along with almost everything, and I liked this shampoo because it actually leaves hair soft and shiny. So much so that when I use it I can avoid the balm.
Rating: 8

:: Butter oil::

Olive oil is extracted from the fruits (drupes) of Olea europea . Contains 60 to 80% of oleic acid, linoleic acid 13%. The high content of unsaponifiables with their soothing, softening, elasticity and sebum, are ideal for intensive treatment for face and body skin is dry and dehydrated. Used as a hand cream, makes them soft and silky, strengthens and protects nails, preventing rupture. Elasticity: It favors the formation of collagen and elastin. Nourishing: For dry skin and dry. Protective: Strengthens the natural barrier of the epidermis. Hydrating: Restores the optimal rate of hydration. Nails: Strengthens, anti-breakage.
The scent is a bit 'special, but I do not mind. Like all the butters tend to anoint a bit ', but I found it lighter than the shea butter and therefore more usable in the heat of summer. The skin is smooth and soft.
Rating: 8

:: Body Scrub velvety apricot to granules:

This formula, in addition to removing impurities and dead cells with granules of apricot, is enriched with an ester of olive oil and panthenol, intensely moisturizing efficacy in long-term. The 'pure olive oil plays a' nourishing that makes the skin soft and silky. In the shower apply 1 or 2 times a week on wet skin, including breast, massage and emulsified with water.
I love this product! Usually commercial scrubs were too delicate for my Pellacchia, and I always use homemade or scrub or horsehair glove. This however, although not aggressive, it leaves the skin smooth and bright as ever, thanks to the effect of the oil. To take into account and still do with an escort because I intend not to leave again!
Rating: 10

Soon I will also try the Butter and Avocado Butter Monoi of Tahiti * _ * I already know that next week will start the order when it comes to buying on the internet I can not resist!




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